Thursday, April 10, 2014

Homework challenge

For my homework challenge I decided to interview my nana because she is a nurse and I have allways wanted to be a nurse since I was little.Here aresome questions I asked.
Why did you become a nurse?
Helping people to get better.
Where did you train?
St. Helens now Christchurch woman's.
Where did you work? 
Christchurch woman's.
How did you get to work ? 
Walk and bike.
What did you like about it?
Helping people.being with friends.
What did you not like about it?
Biking home about 11pm and biking there about 7am.
What waS the most horrible thing you have seen? 
Man all burnt From a fire.
How long was training?
2 years back then.
What subjects did you do at school?
Maths,science,biology,chemistry and English.
What year did you start?

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