Wednesday, August 15, 2012


In 2012 I flew to the warm sunshine filled with fun at the Gold Coast for a holiday  with my family. When we were finally seated on the noisy plane, lots of other passengers were around me. After we had landed 3 hours later picked up our rental car I was so excited to be there.

Day one of my exciting holiday. My family and I raced to the rental car that dad had hired.Eventually we were in the car park of Dream World. We took our bag that we took in. All of us had our smiling faces on and quickly  walked to the start of our first adventure. When I walked into  Dream World I did not expect the big variety of the rides. All around me were rides,shops,people screaming and people chatting. My first ride was the claw, the chairs flew from side to side,it felt like you were going to be thrown out. Thankfully we were safely belted in.

After experiencing  ten of the rides we could smell lunch,so we stopped. We ate yummy hot dogs and chips which were smothered in tomato sauce yummy.

After all the rides were closed we needed to go,I was sad,I did not want to go home after having such a blast.

What:WALT... recount our experiences, thoughts and feelings in a way that is interesting to our readers.

So What: My recount is about an experience that I thought was the best so far in my life.

Now What:To add more interesting words to make people want to go there.