Wednesday, September 24, 2014


On September 20th New Zealand could be changed for better or worse.There are nine party's that are willing to give anything to be in the government. Who would you vote for?

Economy plays a strong part in the up coming election on the 20th.National,Labour,n=united future, Maori party and act all strongly agree that when businesses make a lot of money everyone benefits even the poor.On the other hand Green,Mana both don't support that everyone benefits from high paying business because they believe that high paying business are doing all the dirty work,working hard,that people who ain't earning as much. Conservative is neutral on the ideal of everyone benefits from the high business.

Another point to consider about the election is election . Green,NZ first,United future,Maori party,Mana and conservative all agree or strongly agree that the government should restore free territory.On the other hand National,Nz first and Act strongly disagree on the subject.Labour is neutral and that they will assist student who are underachieving.

The last point to consider is Healthcare.National,Labour,United Future and Conservative all agree that children up to the age of 13 get free doctors and prevarications.Green,Maori party and Mana agree that it should be much older.They say they are committed to proving free healthcare for all young new Zealand from birth,until there 18th birthday.Act is on about the same on now.

Overall all the nine party's have different yet similar policy's,but if I was older and could vote I would vote for National because out of the policy's I was looking for National was agreeing on them and was going to make New Zealand a better country to live in.

Friday, September 5, 2014

My Recount (Mr wolf)

I always wanted to rule the world someday I will and this is how i'm going to start. Right on the top of my bad list is the three little mincons that live downtown.
As I made my way down to mother mincons secret layer it was huge it was bigger than thought it was,it was dark and scary.Getting there was easy its the only thing on the block everything eles is bright and colourful,I hated it, it was gross the dark scary big house's are more me.Mother mincon was all in black she looked scary  but I keeped a evily face so she couldn't see that I wanted to run away and hide. She was wearing;dark black jeans,black top and a hivey looking coat. 

My Goal was spelling.
I'm at Extended Abstract because I can identify words and I can correct high frequency words;and I can attempt spelling on more diffcult words.


The past two weeks for leadership I have done peer mediation and librarian.
For peer mediator but we didn't have any problems so thats good!!!!
For librarian I;put the books away, I was at the desk.