Wednesday, October 23, 2013

My recount

I walked into the class room. Seeing the same group girls laughing and pointing at me my whole school life.I looked down and see I had odd socks on.I walked a way with a red face,To put my bag away. If this is what the start of the day is I wonder,what the day of the day is going to go. I thought to myself as I walk back into the class. The bell rings and I sit at my desk. 

During writing the teacher said we need to work in a group. She said that I was in the corner. Immediately I got started to get into my writing. Suddenly the class went silent. U slowly put my head up at the sight I was seeing. Everyone was looking at me "you can go to lunch" someone says. "Oh thanks"I say quickly walking out to get my lunch.

Eventually it was lunch time. As I walked to get the ball to pass it to myself the group of girls suddenly came and took the ball of me this made me fell angry that they did not care about me. Laughing in my face. Next the  words I wish I never come out "please give it back"they stopped what they where doing and looked at me.