Friday, September 5, 2014

My Recount (Mr wolf)

I always wanted to rule the world someday I will and this is how i'm going to start. Right on the top of my bad list is the three little mincons that live downtown.
As I made my way down to mother mincons secret layer it was huge it was bigger than thought it was,it was dark and scary.Getting there was easy its the only thing on the block everything eles is bright and colourful,I hated it, it was gross the dark scary big house's are more me.Mother mincon was all in black she looked scary  but I keeped a evily face so she couldn't see that I wanted to run away and hide. She was wearing;dark black jeans,black top and a hivey looking coat. 

My Goal was spelling.
I'm at Extended Abstract because I can identify words and I can correct high frequency words;and I can attempt spelling on more diffcult words.

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